Nasal Congestion After Drug Consumption

Illustration of Nasal Congestion After Drug Consumption
Illustration: Nasal Congestion After Drug Consumption

good night doc, so I have a long cold. I usually sneeze and my nose starts to get blocked every time I sweep the floor, before I go to sleep, and wake up (sometimes). I have seen the doctor twice. this is the second time I check with the doctor and then I am given demacolin and ciprofloxacin, after taking this medicine my runny nose instead became 24 hours. which is usually only at a certain time now so every time my nose is blocked, why ya dock? or is this part of healing?

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Hello Kim,

Nasal congestion is a condition of nasal congestion that is most often caused by swelling of the mucosa (mucous membrane) of the nose - blood vessels dilate due to an inflammatory process. Patients with nasal congestion may also complain of other complaints such as frequent sneezing, coughing, discomfort in the ear, post nasal drip (runny nose running).

There are many causes of nasal congestion, including:

Infection in the upper respiratory tract (common cold, influenza, etc.)
Allergic rhinitis
Sinusitis (infection or allergy)
Nasal polyps
Rebound due to use of national spray

Foreign body in the nostril

Nasal congestion due to pernasapan can take 5-7 days for complaints to subside. If it is caused due to allergies, then complaints can continue or recur as long as there is exposure to allergens (substances that trigger allergic reactions). Nasal polyps and sinusitis can usually recur, often related to one another.

The steps below you can take to reduce complaints of nasal congestion:

Avoid exposure to allergens
Avoid exposure to pollutants, substances that irritate the airways, including cold and dry air
Do not smoke
Use a humidifier or you can breathe hot steam from a basin filled with hot water
Drink more water
Sleeping with a certain body position (varies per person) can make complaints of nasal congestion can temporarily subside
Clean the bedroom and change sheets, vacuum regularly, especially if you have pets
Eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly 30 minutes / day to increase body immunity.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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