Nasal Congestion After Polyp Surgery?

Illustration of Nasal Congestion After Polyp Surgery?
Illustration: Nasal Congestion After Polyp Surgery?

Good morning, I want to ask. I ran out of nasal polyps (right-left) on last Friday, and just one day at home my nose was blocked again on the right, is it possible polyps or just inflammation? Note: there are stitches on the right nose

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Hi Afif,

Thank you for asking

Polyps are caused by excessive growth of nasal mucosa due to repeated inflammation. This condition is often experienced by people with allergies, asthma, cystic fibrosis, or people with excessive sensitivity to aspirin. In the early stages, the handling of nasal polyps is generally done by conservative methods, namely by administering several types of drugs, as well as lifestyle modifications, including avoiding allergens if indeed the patient has an allergy to certain substances. If this conservative therapy is not felt to produce maximum results, doctors can also recommend that surgery be performed.

Nasal polyps surgery, if performed properly by competent medical personnel, is actually very rare to cause serious complications. The nasal congestion that you experience postoperatively is likely caused by residual postoperative inflammation. It could also be, your nasal congestion is caused by a buildup of blood clots, foreign body obstruction into the nasal cavity, or also inflammation of the nasal cavity, such as due to allergies, irritation, or infection.

You should not panic first. Post-surgery, often doctors have also prescribed several types of drugs to alleviate this complaint. You can compensate for these postoperative treatments with the following steps:

Do not hold your nose with dirty hands, especially rubbing excessively
Keep the air humidity in the environment where you live, for example by not using air conditioning or excessive fans, use an air humidifier if possible
Drink plenty of warm water
Do not smoke
Stay away from alcohol
much rest
If you are allergic to certain substances, stay away from these substances
Do not carelessly take other medicines without a doctor's prescription
Eat more foods rich in vitamin C

If with the steps above your complaint still does not improve after treatment from the doctor runs out, you can check yourself back to the doctor or ENT specialist so that your condition can be handled well, right ..

I hope this helps.

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