Nasal Congestion After Smoking Cigarette Smoke?

Illustration of Nasal Congestion After Smoking Cigarette Smoke?
Illustration: Nasal Congestion After Smoking Cigarette Smoke?

PERMISSION SYMPTOMS symptoms of whether the nose is blocked after smoking cigarette smoke my friend

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Thank you for the question.

Various chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can indeed cause inflamed airways, resulting in nasal congestion, coughing, tightness, itchy throat, and many other complaints. This condition does not always indicate a disease. It's just that, if you are often exposed to cigarette smoke for a long time, indeed you are at risk for experiencing a variety of diseases, including respiratory diseases, heart and blood vessel disease, stroke, cancer, fertility disorders, and so on.

In addition to the influence of cigarette smoke, nasal congestion can also be caused by an allergy, irritation, viral or bacterial infection, benign or malignant tumors, entry of foreign objects, impaired immunity, even certain anatomical disorders around the nasal cavity.

In order for the complaints to subside, try doing it first:

 Stay away from cigarettes and smoke Use a mask Do not also contact with air conditioning or excessive fans. Eat lots and drink warm, rich in vitamin C Stay away from cold foods and drinks, greasy, and artificial sweet. Bathing with warm water, especially when the air is cold Stay away from vulnerable substances make inflamed nasal cavity, as mentioned above If the complaint does not improve within 3 days, or appears fever, recurring nosebleeds, severe headaches, spasms, and other severe complaints, immediately check with your doctor or ENT doctor to be handled properly according the cause is ..

I hope this helps.

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