Nasal Congestion But Not A Cold?

Illustration of Nasal Congestion But Not A Cold?
Illustration: Nasal Congestion But Not A Cold?

, some days I have trouble breathing but not shortness of breath. It’s hard to breathe because my nose looks like it’s blocked but there is no mucus / snot. So, his breathing was not empty and I was breathing through my mouth. But, a few hours later is not too blocked and can breathe normally again. I guess I have to consult a pulmonary specialist or tht huh?

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Nasal congestion is a condition that can be caused by the swelling of the inner nasal cavity which is usually caused due to inflammation due to allergies. Apart from due to nasal congestion can also be caused by a buildup of mucous fluid.

It is said that you have a blocked nose but no mucus which can lead to inflammation in the nasal cavity. Inflammation itself can be caused due to allergies, one of which is allergic rhinitis. Which is where allergies can not be cured perfectly, can only be prevented and treated for symptoms.

Therefore, if you have allergies, you can prevent allergic recurrence by improving your immune system by taking a multivitamin every time, eating nutritious foods, and avoiding allergic triggers, for example: dust, cold, and pollen, and avoid drink consumption. cold.

If you experience this and really interfere with your daily activities, then you can consult an ENT doctor.

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