Nasal Congestion In Children Aged 3 Months?

Illustration of Nasal Congestion In Children Aged 3 Months?
Illustration: Nasal Congestion In Children Aged 3 Months?

At noon, I want to ask my child to be 3 months old … my child, when it’s about 12 mlm in the night, it’s like a cold, isn’t it runny nose, and even then at night, if there isn’t any morning … ?? I am as an elderly person restless because the child so uncomfortable … tris

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In newborns, especially at the age of the first 6 months, often have symptoms similar to colds that are characterized by abnormal breathing sounds, such as the sound of grok grok at night. Most babies will experience this. The condition is not caused by colds or other respiratory infections. Respiratory infections generally will find more obvious symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, nasal discharge, shortness of breath, etc.

The presence of grok grok like a cold in infants is caused by the mucous removal mechanism that cannot be done properly by the baby's body. Keep in mind that the human airway will naturally produce mucus that has a variety of benefits and functions, including as a protective mechanism from foreign objects such as dust entering the airway, and can produce immunoglobulin A (IgA) which functions for the body's immunity.

In infants, at night when the body is not active and not moving much, mucus will accumulate in the airways. If there is air flowing, this condition will cause the sound of breath grok grok as if having a cold / respiratory tract infection. In babies who have allergic tendencies, which are genetic or offspring of their parents, the symptoms will be more visible and seem heavy.
You do not need to worry, if you do not find any other symptoms of infection, then the condition is normal for babies. As growth and development, these conditions will disappear by itself.

To help reduce complaints, give the baby enough fluids with breast milk or formula. In addition, positioning the baby by holding it can also help reduce fluid or mucus that has accumulated.
If there are signs of infection, do not hesitate to do a checkup with a pediatrician to assess and evaluate the condition of your baby.
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