Nasal Mucus Comes Out Mixed With Blood During A Cold?

Illustration of Nasal Mucus Comes Out Mixed With Blood During A Cold?
Illustration: Nasal Mucus Comes Out Mixed With Blood During A Cold?

I want to ask .. Yesterday I had a cold, my nose was blocked but at the bottom of my eye it hurt a little … After that I discharged the mucus why does the mucus mix with blood … Is that safe or not?

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Based on the complaint you made, there are several possibilities that can cause similar complaints. To get the right treatment it is necessary to know the cause of the complaint it is necessary to do a history and direct physical examination. Some possibilities include:

Allergic Rhinitis Rhinomitis Vasomotor Influenza Sinusitis Nosebleed For a while you can do include:

Don't scrape your nose Don't blow your nose too hard Avoid dust, pollution, acidic cigarettes Avoid air too hot or too cold Keep yourself clean and environment Change and clean bed linen and curtains Avoid using fluffy blankets and hairy dolls Open the window of the house every morning so the air circulates and light sun in. Performing nasal wash with a solution of NaCl Spotting blood on mucus when blowing snot can also be caused by sores on the nasal mucosa being scratched or pressure when removing snot that is too tight

If your complaint does not improve or you are worried you should check with your ENT specialist to get further examination and treatment related to your condition

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