Natural Antiseptic That Can Be Used To Prevent The Spread Of Water Fleas In The Feet?

At night, interrupted my toes there were water lice that initially itched, small tears and now they were slightly widened, with itchiness that was very pronounced … but I scratched the edges of my fingers and bled … I cb ointment 88 and usually works but it doesn’t and turn it white … what I want to ask … is it soaking the feet with salt water or smearing water lice can garlic be a natural antiseptic so as to reduce the widening of water fleas?

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Water fleas are rashes on the skin between the toes or soles caused by fungus. The following natural ingredients are believed to be able to cope with water fleas, namely:

- Garlic: believed to contain natural antiseptics that can help treat water fleas in the soles of the feet. Research shows, the content of the ingredients in garlic is thought to be able to treat water fleas.

Sea salt: has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it can overcome water fleas in the soles of the feet while inhibiting its spread. Dissolve one cup of sea salt in warm water, then soak the feet with the salt water solution for 20 minutes, then dry.

Although you can try natural methods like this, it does not mean these ingredients can replace medical treatment given by a doctor. Because more research is still needed to prove the effectiveness of these natural ingredients. If the complaint does not improve, you should consult a doctor. So that the doctor can do the examination directly and give you treatment according to your condition.

Here's what you can do at home: Keep your feet clean, keep your feet dry / not moist, avoid using shoes and socks for a while, manage stress well, consume enough water, avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages , and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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