Natural Minus Eye Treatment?

Illustration of Natural Minus Eye Treatment?
Illustration: Natural Minus Eye Treatment?

, if the minus eye can be cured the natural way? If you can, how? Thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Minus the eye, or also known as nearsightedness or myopia, is a condition when the process of vision, the image of the object seen falls in front of the retina or the retina. This makes the gap between the retina and the place where the shadow falls, and the farther away, the harder it is to see things with focus.

So far no one can find out why this condition occurs. Although it is possible to see objects at close range (less than 30 cm), play gadgets, look at computer screens and so on, it is often associated with the occurrence of nearsightedness or minus eyes, in fact it is not always those who do it, their eyes will become shortsighted. And conversely, it is not always those who are then shortsighted, have had such a history.

So that the minus eye treatment so far is only in the form of glasses, not in the form of drugs to eliminate the minus altogether. Even if there is a method of operation, even then only at a certain minus amount and does not guarantee the minus will disappear completely. Therefore we can say, regarding your question, so far there has been no natural way to eliminate eye minus. Because for the scientific way too, nothing has been done routinely.

As for possible information circulating on the internet, herbal medicines and so on. We need to say that this method has not been medically proven and the mechanism is unclear. As a consumer you still have the right to consume it, but again from the medical side, there is no guarantee in the form of research that supports it. So, hopefully answering your question.

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