Natural Remedies For Hepatitis C Sufferers?

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Hepatitis C virus infection attacks the liver so that in the early stages (acute, early infection) patients generally do not show significant symptoms, if the immune system is good then the virus can be eradicated by the immune system / body defense and produce natural immunity, but not infrequently the virus persists causing infection. liver problems such as hardening of the liver (cirrhosis) with symptoms such as nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, easy fatigue, fever, muscle and joint pain, upper right abdominal pain or heartburn even accompanied by abdominal swelling (ascites), to jaundice, more complications advanced is liver cancer.

In treating these patients, the severity of symptoms and decreased liver function is generally considered. Examinations that can be carried out include blood tests, hepatitis virus DNA examination, liver and kidney function tests, abdominal ultrasound examination or if necessary CT scan / MRI examination of the liver. In addition, other accompanying disease conditions, if any, such as Diabetes (diabetes), Hypertension, Anemia, which will affect the body's immune response. Treatment can be with antivirals with pegylated interferon, or with DAA drugs which are a new type of treatment that provides a more effective repair response than antiviral treatment for HCV in general. then consult the determination of the type of therapy and predict the body's response ability with the doctor who handles the patient who has directly examined the patient's physical condition, knows the laboratory results and the results of the examination of the patient's liver function. So it is difficult in this service to answer the needs or predict recovery of the patient. If the patient's condition is at a complicated stage, it is prioritized to provide comfort to the patient and provide nutrition to improve his general condition.

Natural remedies that can be suggested are the consumption of Curcuma or Temulawak (click the benefits of Temulawak here) can be processed naturally or use supplements, the content of Curcuma has been proven in research to be effective in helping improve liver function. And pay attention to avoid fatty foods such as fried, fatty meat, offal, skin, and stop smoking and alcohol. Eat nutritious foods high in albumin protein such as snakehead fish, or egg whites, especially if there are swelling disorders due to albumin deficiency. Get enough rest and avoid staying up late.

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