Natural Remedy For Acne?

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I want to ask a question, I’m confused what else to use, all of them I’ve tried to get rid of the acne but it’s not gone, it’s just getting more and more, please ask for a solution? yam the results are all the same, now I want to try using egg whites, can you tell me please?

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Overcoming acne requires a lot of patience. Out there, there are many information circulating about the handling of acne naturally but not all of them are effective because the effectiveness of research is not yet strong. You do not also be too stressed when trying to overcome it, because it is necessary to know that acne can actually be reduced and disappear alone with age. When doing therapy, usually acne will not disappear immediately, but gradually.

Acne treatment routinely given by a doctor is in the form of some ointment/cream drugs. Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-dead skin medications/creams/ointments are some of the types of acne medications. These drugs are not sold freely, must be prescribed by a doctor. This is because there are side effects that doctors must anticipate so that the examination and direct treatment by the doctor becomes absolute. Furthermore, about this you can consult a dermatologist.

In addition to drugs, the treatment of acne also includes improving lifestyle. These lifestyles include:

· Low fat diet

· Avoid exposure to dust or fumes

· Avoid the use of cosmetics or wrong facial care products

· Stop smoking

· Don't stay up late

· Good stress management

I hope this information is helpful

dr. Muhammad Fadhil

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