Natural Treatment For Swollen And Painful Wounds?

Illustration of Natural Treatment For Swollen And Painful Wounds?
Illustration: Natural Treatment For Swollen And Painful Wounds?

If the area around the wound caused by pus ruptured water and is still in the drying period, it will be swollen and painful. What is the solution and natural medicine? thanks.

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Hello Putri Indrawati,

Pus (pus) is a thick greenish-yellow thick and characteristic odor that forms in infected tissue. Pus consists of white blood cells, debris, and dead bacteria. Wounds that produce pus indicate an infection in the wound. Infection causes an inflammatory reaction in the body's tissues to fight and limit the infection. Besides being characterized by pus formation, inflammation is also characterized by pain, swelling, skin discoloration becoming reddish, and the palpable part of the skin is warmer than normal skin.

Skin infections that can be accompanied by pus formation can be found in folliculitis, boils (boils), and also abscesses. Wounds with pus can also be found due to secondary infections in open wounds such as torn wounds, burns, or superficial wounds that are not treated well. Generally parts of the skin can arise so that pus will come out of the wound in the skin. The presence of infection in the skin will slow the healing process of the wound so that the wound will take longer to close.

Treatment of open sores with infections include:

Clean the wound periodically using normal saline solution
Clean all pus and residual necrosis tissue (dead tissue) from the part of the open wound with sterile equipment
Use sterile moist gauze that is replaced periodically to absorb pus and provide a good moist environment for tissue growth.
At present, the damp gauze has begun to be replaced with a wound dressing / special wound cover to help heal chronic wounds. Several types of wound dressing that are available are in the form of gauze with special ingredients and absorption ability that has been adapted to the wound, in the form of hydrocolloid, wound dressing containing collagen, alginates, hydrofibers, and wound dressing in the form of hydrogel or a semipermeable thin layer to cover wounds .
Provision of antibiotics and pain-reducing drugs
Some natural ingredients that are still medically investigated for use as wound care ingredients are:
Essential oil - has antimicrobial properties taken from ingredients such as tea tree / Melalueca alternifolia, Hypericum perforatum, lavender, oregano

Consumption of foods high in protein and vitamins to support the healing process of wounds

The use of natural ingredients should be adjusted first to the results of examinations with doctors and their use should not be arbitrary. Natural materials that are not clean and contaminated by germs can actually worsen the wound condition that has an infection. Please consult further about your injuries directly with your doctor to get proper wound care. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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