Natural Treatment Of Minus And Cylindrical Eyes?

Illustration of Natural Treatment Of Minus And Cylindrical Eyes?
Illustration: Natural Treatment Of Minus And Cylindrical Eyes?

Hello, I think I have been wearing minus glasses for less than 10 years, and from the first minus I always go up, and even there are cylinders, actually at this time in my opinion my glasses don’t fit me anymore (minus up / up cylindrical up) ) So I want to ask, is there a natural treatment to reduce the minus / cylindrical ?? r nOr there is a doctor’s advice as to what is the right treatment? Thank you

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Minus / concave lens is used to correct eyes that experience myopia. Myopia is a condition where the image of an object seen by the eye falls in front of the retina, causing farsighted symptoms when looking at objects or writing at a distance.

Myopia can be caused by various things, including:

Eyeballs that are too long, usually the influence of offspring Cornea that is too thick / curved, for example in the condition of keratoconus Vitreous fluid that is too thick so that the refractive index is high, for example in DM patients Can be normal or not nearsightedness condition (myopia), depending on what causes underlie your nearsightedness. If nearsightedness is caused by eyeballs that are too long, so far no action can be taken to reduce the length of the eyeball. Lasik / corneal erosion surgery is often done in this condition if the patient wants permanent correction of myopia without glasses. But keep in mind, because the main cause is the length of the eyeball, not the thickness of the cornea, the cornea that is eroded in the lasik becomes thinner than normal and can cause complications in the form of increased eye sensitivity to light compared to normal people and easily dry eyes.

If the cause of farsightedness

because the cornea is thickened, of course lasik surgery can be an effective method to restore the thickness of the cornea to normal, thereby automatically reducing farsightedness. If this is because of increased eye fluid index, for example DM, surely controlling blood sugar can be an effective method.

However, besides that, correction of nearsightedness with concave lens glasses (minus) which is appropriate is actually quite effective, minimal complications, and certainly affordable. So if you do not feel a significant obstacle in the use of glasses, you should still use glasses with rules that suit your condition.

Other things that you should do to maintain eye health are:

Avoid reading in a dark place, with letters that are too small, or too close (including lying down position) Consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin A Control blood sugar if the levels are high Avoid too long staring at the screen (computer, cellphone, television, etc.) explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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