Illustration of Nausea?
Illustration: Nausea?

, I want to ask why I finished eating the onions such as pizza, kebabs, and other foods that have onions, the stomach feels nauseous? What why

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Hello Kilyaleho,

Thank you for the question.

Some sensitive people can indeed experience an increase in stomach acid when consuming certain types of food, including onions, which triggers nausea. Not only that, several other types of food, such as sauces, chilli, tubers, mustard greens, cabbage, coconut milk, fried foods, tea, coffee, soda, etc. are also prone to trigger complaints like this. In addition to nausea, in more severe cases, it can also appear bloated, tightness, vomiting, and many other complaints.

In addition to factors related to the type of food or drink consumed, nausea that you feel may also be caused by late eating, dyspepsia, viral or bacterial infections, food allergies, intolerance or malabsorption, intestinal inflammation, hormonal fluctuations (such as when pregnant or menstruating pregnant) , stress, the influence of certain drugs, and so on. Nausea is not always dangerous, although it can be very annoying.

Our advice, try to limit all processed foods containing onions as well as several types of foods and other drinks that can trigger nausea, as mentioned above. Compress warm stomach nausea, do not eat too much, eat a little but often, drink more warm water, exercise regularly, keep your body weight from being too fat, do not sleep too late, do not stress too much, and always live a lifestyle healthy ones.

If the nausea still has not improved through the above efforts, we recommend that you go directly to see your doctor or doctor of internal medicine in order to be given the right treatment according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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