Nausea Accompanied By Dizziness, Fatigue, Mood Swings And Hunger?

In the morning, I experience nausea, dizziness, fatigue, mood swings, easy hunger, and want certain foods all day after one week of menstruation is over whether this is a sign of heartburn or a sign of pregnancy, because I prog. How do I differentiate nausea from pregnancy and nausea from heartburn?

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The existence of complaints of nausea, dizziness, fatigue, mood swing, pingin eating that occurs especially after the completion of menstruation, then these complaints are likely related to gastric disorders and the possibility of stress that accompanies them. If this complaint appears after menstruation, then this possibility is not caused by pregnancy. Because if you are pregnant, then your period will be late or you do not meet menstruation during the menstrual cycle should be. So that controlling the type of food and the possible causes of stress, become an independent business care and early handling of complaints that you feel.

To distinguish whether nausea and other complaints are triggered by gastric disorders or because of pregnancy, this becomes a complication in itself, because in general, they both provide similar complaints. What can be done is to ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. Because complaints of nausea or dizziness and fatigue are not typical signs of pregnancy, but are comorbid complaints that can arise when you are pregnant.

In patients with a history of gastric disturbances and indeed facing stress or an increased burden of mind either due to problems at work, social relations, or economic problems, then stomach complaints often last longer or often recur, especially if the cause of stress is still present or you are still feeling anxious. If stress does accompany your complaints, then complaints are easily fatigued, dizzy, headaches, easy to get sleepy or mood swings can be felt together or just a few complaints. This condition will trigger an increase in your stomach acid production, if excessive stomach acid production and begin to affect your digestive conditions, then you will feel digestive complaints that interfere also, such as nausea, begah, heartburn in the chest / chest pain, uncomfortable breathing, or headaches even to the complaint of bowel movements. Therefore, identify various possibilities that might trigger your complaint. By knowing the trigger, then you can control and prevent it.

However, if within 2-3 days these complaints do not get better or even bother you more, then you should consult directly with your family doctor or your psychiatrist. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding this complaint and the course of this complaint. Physical examination and supporting examinations can also be planned, such as blood tests, ultrasound examinations, or endoscopy to help determine the cause, whether it is due to gastric disorders or due to other medical conditions, such as:

Stomach upset
Bile disorders
Digestive infections
Food intolerance
Early symptoms of a cold or sore throat
Effects of the menstrual cycle on women
Metabolic disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid disorders

The results of the examination will help determine the cause. Furthermore, treatment and care will be given according to the examination results obtained.

During the treatment and recovery, you also need to try some things, such as:

Avoid sleeping late
Avoid physical fatigue
Avoid spicy foods, packaged instant foods, oily foods or packaged drinks
Do light exercise to help relax your body

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