Nausea After Menstruation, What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Nausea After Menstruation, What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Nausea After Menstruation, What Are The Signs Of Pregnancy?

Hello Doctor, I want to ask you in February 24th, my menstruation until March 15, Clean. March 18, I was in contact with my husband … But on the 20th yesterday I was menstruating again … I was afraid that I would finally go to the obstetrician on March 21 (diagnosis of thickening of the uterine wall) and then wipe negative results and be given the drug plasminex and ragumenDrinking medicine 21-23 March menses have stopped … today I feel nausea and congenital negation … (still taking 2 drugs until now 3×1) Is there any chance that I will get pregnant? What should I do? Stop taking the medicine or what? I have not TP

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Hello Diana, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Based on the story you convey, I conclude that menstrual disorders occur in you that cause you to come to the gynecologist. Normal uterine wall thickness occurs before the fertile period of women, if fertilization does not occur the uterine wall that thickened will disintegrate, and this is called menstruation . Maybe what your obstetrician meant about thickening of the uterine wall is endometriosis, because this disease is in accordance with your previous complaints of menstrual disorders, you can be sure again when you control the obstetrician again.

Responding to your question about your current nausea complaints is not necessarily due to pregnancy. Nausea is an uncertain sign of pregnancy, and based on the story you told, it seems impossible that pregnancy is impossible considering that menstruation only stopped on March 21-23 yesterday, while the process of pregnancy occurs requires at least 3-7 days, and new levels of beta HCg can be detected 3- 4 weeks after the first day of your last menstruation. My advice is to continue the treatment given by your obstetrician, and regain control in accordance with the specified schedule.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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