Nausea, Flatulence, Difficulty Passing Gas.?

Illustration of Nausea, Flatulence, Difficulty Passing Gas.?
Illustration: Nausea, Flatulence, Difficulty Passing Gas.?

Syaloom ,, I am 24 years old, a single woman, the first complaint I felt was when I worked hard all day for a thanksgiving event at home but I did not leave meal hours, the next day I ate a lot in one period plus consumed rambutan fruit, and finally because I ate instant fried noodles, I found it hard to burp, felt tight, nauseous, and finally vomited 2 times. After that it was normal, so I thought it was just a cold. but it turns out that 1 week later my nausea returned because I traveled by vehicle every day for 1 hour of travel. Finally I went to the doctor, 2 doctors I visited 3 days apart because the symptoms did not improve. Both of them diagnosed me with gastritis and I was given magacid and vitamin medicine but after that there has been no change, my body remains weak because my appetite has decreased due to nausea. Plus when I was menstruating, my body became weaker, I finally forced myself to go to the hospital because I was worried that I would stay at home. At the hospital the doctor who examined me sp. Internal medicine only said that my stomach acid was high so my chest and spine felt hot, had difficulty eating, heart palpitations, I was given ulcer medication as well, checked for good urine and blood, neg malaria and types. After getting better I was discharged from the hospital (3 days). After a week the symptoms recurred. I returned to the doctor who examined me at the practice and I was on ultrasound, it said all internal organs were fine. I was given the same medicine at the hospital. Because I felt the medicine was still not working, and instead I felt fever and dizziness suddenly one day, I decided to go to another internal medicine doctor, the ultrasound was the same, but said stomach acid was normal (the results of gastric ultrasound were not dark like most stomach acid doctor) only a weakened (open) stomach valve and it is thought that a lot of gas in the intestine pushes stomach acid up into the esophagus (gerd). I was given capsules (written only for the stomach), syrup, the results were good, but did not last long. Now it has been 1 month since my initial symptoms of vomiting, I still feel bloated (but not painful in my stomach), nausea, difficulty eating, difficulty burping, difficulty passing gas, difficulty choking (hard chaps), heart palpitations and weakness. I planned to go to another doctor whose relative said he was a gastroenterologist or to a big city for further treatment. I need a little description from the doctor about my disease. Thank you

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Hello Achendresty,

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