Nausea, Nausea?

Illustration of Nausea, Nausea?
Illustration: Nausea, Nausea?

Hello doctor. I want to ask. I just had my period. After finishing my period I had a fever. My fever fluctuates. After recovering my fever, there is something different from my kissing. I feel nauseous every time I smell the smoke. I feel sick to see rice, water. Food. The smell of cooking also makes me nauseous. My appetite was lost. I lost weight. All I feel like org is pregnant. Many thought I was pregnant. NI already have children 1. My parents-in-law was pregnant when my husband started menstruating. But positively pregnant after finishing menstruation. I want to ask. Is it possible, menstruation while pregnant? Because my first child has no cravings. NThat’s all. Thanks.

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Hi Poppy,

Thank you for asking

It needs to be clarified beforehand, what was your last menstrual period like? Is bleeding a lot? How long is the duration? Is it happening on your menstrual schedule supposedly? Is it the same as your previous periods?

In some conditions, pregnant women may experience bleeding from the birth canal that resembles menstrual blood. However, this bleeding is not properly referred to as menstrual blood, because this blood actually results from tearing of the blood vessels in the uterine wall when the fertilized implants (implants itself in the uterine wall). In the medical realm, this bleeding is termed implantation bleeding. In contrast to menstrual blood, implantation bleeding generally occurs about 3 to 5 days after conception, is of short duration (i.e. 1 to 2 days only), is of little volume (i.e. 1 to 2 drops only), and is not accompanied by severe abdominal cramps commonly experienced by women who are menstruating.

However, you also need to know that the appearance of various complaints such as those you experience, namely fever, nausea, more sensitivity to smells, decreased appetite, and so on can not only be experienced by women who are pregnant. Viral infections, bacterial infections, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), side effects of drugs, psychosomatic disorders, fatigue, etc. can also trigger this complaint.

For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a more objective examination to distinguish each of these conditions. As a first step, you can follow what your in-laws did before, namely doing a testpack. If what you experienced before was implantation bleeding, then of course the testpack results will be positive. However, if the test pack results are negative, then it is likely that you are not pregnant. You can do a retestpack several times, or go to a gynecologist to confirm the results of the examination.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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