Nausea, Right Abdominal Pain Up To The Waist?

Illustration of Nausea, Right Abdominal Pain Up To The Waist?
Illustration: Nausea, Right Abdominal Pain Up To The Waist?

At night, I want to ask lately, I often feel pain in the right abdomen, the pain reaches to the right waist, but if the pressure doesn’t hurt, why is that?

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In a healthy condition or a good digestive condition, in everyday life, a person is likely not to feel complaints of pain in the stomach area, complaints of glands in the stomach, or complaints of excessive bowel noise. So if at this time you feel a complaint of pain in your stomach (outside your menstrual period) and accompanied by complaints of back pain, then this condition is likely caused by a disturbance of your digestive system.

If you feel this complaint of pain or stomach pain on the right side of the abdomen, where on the right side of the stomach there are intestinal, stomach, liver, kidney, appendicitis and reproductive organs, then complaints of pain can be caused by one or several disorders of the related organ.

In general, cases of complaints of right-sided abdominal pain are often caused by gastric disorders, where there is increased production of excess stomach acid or due to infection in the stomach that causes complaints of pain appear. In the early stages of gastric disturbances, sometimes complaints of abdominal pain are not provoked by pressing the stomach directly, but in certain stages, tenderness can also occur, especially if the complaint has been running for several days or has not been treated.

In addition to stomach disorders, several other conditions can also cause complaints of abdominal pain and low back pain, such as:

1. Digestive infections

2. Hepatitis

3. Bile disorders

4. Kidney disorders

So, to ascertain the cause of this complaint, it is necessary to have a direct examination by your family doctor or by a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will do a physical examination, and if necessary, a blood and radiological examination can be planned.

Medications and treatments will be provided by your doctor to help reduce the complaints you feel and treat the cause.

To help prevent these complaints from getting even more disturbing, you can make a number of attempts:

1. Inadequate needs of optimal nutritious food and water

2. Avoid eating too late

3. Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, and coconut milk during the recovery and treatment

4. Avoid stress, because stress can trigger disturbances in the stomach as well

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