Nausea Vomiting Limp And No Appetite?

Illustration of Nausea Vomiting Limp And No Appetite?
Illustration: Nausea Vomiting Limp And No Appetite?

Good morning, Doctor. N nOne week ago, my mother experienced dizziness, nausea, vomiting (even if a little food / drink was taken), weakness, no appetite, and pale. At the first examination, the doctor gave my mother the medicine for Histigo and Lambucid. After 1 day of taking the medicine there was no change at all, then I took my mother to the emergency room because her condition was getting worse (such as dehydration). In the ER, a tension check was carried out, namely 150/90. The doctor said that my mother was recovering from a severe cold (indeed my mother had caught the flu and coughed for more than 1 week before being sick with nausea vomiting). And the doctor said there is also no need to take tension-lowering drugs because 150/90 in my mother does not happen all the time (it happens when she is tired). My mother was given a prescription for Ranitidine, Domperidone, and Nerva Plus after the doctor had previously given the injection (red color). On the first and second day my mother showed good progress. However, at some time, dizziness and nausea still appeared, especially when he felt tired (because he was taking care of his grandchildren). On the 4th day, Alhmdulillah, my mother felt that I really enjoyed my food as usual and started fasting again. What I want to ask, is how to prevent the pain from attacking again ,? And what are the practical foods that can be consumed because previously my mother was often late to eat and even didn’t eat at all because she didn’t have time and her appetite was reduced? nThank you for the answer 🙂

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From the information you have conveyed, there are complaints that have been experienced before and the latest treatment given, it is possible that the complaints experienced by your mother are caused by indigestion or stomach and flu recovery is not optimal and physical fatigue that may affect it.

If your mother is accustomed to fasting, then what needs to be considered to prevent this recurring complaint is to keep the type of food at dawn and breaking the fast. Fasting is a form of healthy body metabolic control and is a good effort, but if it is not accompanied by consumption of healthy and good food when breaking and fasting, it will cause disturbing health problems.

The following points need to be considered during the recovery period and during fasting:

1. eat regularly

2. avoid spicy food, noodles, meatballs, fried rice

3. Avoid soft drinks, coffee, mixed ice and the like that are purchased outside

4. Get enough rest

5. avoid physical exhaustion

6. If your mother looks after her grandchildren, then if the mother's condition is unhealthy, this task should be represented

7. Enough water

8. avoid stress

Thus, it is hoped that your mother's condition will be maintained and avoided from digestive disorders and high blood pressure.

In addition, keep in control of the doctor who treats your mother, especially if you still have complaints or if your mother feels complaints of health problems at an early stage.

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