Nausea Without Vomiting?

Illustration of Nausea Without Vomiting?
Illustration: Nausea Without Vomiting?

Um, on 1-3 January I got my period. And then on the 18th of January I tested the HCG urine test in the laboratory. The results were positive. Then I got a check on the house with a negative test. then on 3 I tested negative results. Until now I haven’t menstruated. Is that a sign that I’m pregnant or not? Gums also bleed easily when you brush your teeth. And often bloating and nausea but not in the morning.

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Hi Ary,

Positive HCG examination results show the presence of the hormone HCG in urine. This hormone is produced by the placenta during pregnancy to maintain the production of the hormone progesterone and maintain pregnancy.

The difference in the results of the examination on the HCG test can occur because the testpack examination requires HCG in certain levels to give positive results. If the level of HCG in urine is in a minimal amount, it can give false negative results. This condition can occur if the gestational age <2 weeks or examination is not appropriate (does not hold water for a certain time).

No menstruation and an increase in the hormone HCG is indeed a sign of pregnancy, however the condition is not a sure sign of pregnancy. In addition, bleeding gums and bloating and nausea are also not sure signs of pregnancy. Related to these conditions you should consult directly with a gynecologist for further examination to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

You can also do a test pack once a week until you experience your period or get a positive result. If indeed you have a pregnancy then you should exercise regular control (at least 1x per trimester) so that your pregnancy process goes on smoothly.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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