Illustration of Nausea
Illustration: Nausea

Afternoon doc, I’m 32 years old. 1 month ago I consulted an internist on stomach pain that I felt, the doctor said the name of the disease is GERDGE if I am not mistaken, peptic ulcers / stomach acid … After the medicine ran out a month ago now I am experiencing nausea 2 days, and feel bad in your throat, body limp, if you feel pain in the pit of your stomach, easily tired, appetite decreases u0026amp; weight dropped dramatically ,, often anxious / afraid of excessive, u0026amp; yesterday afternoon CHAPTER up to 4x brturut2, I cba drink promaag, feel a little lost but a few hours later relapsed again nausea … I was by Fresscare in the stomach and throat … hot color feels good so it reduces a little, what is true stomach acid that excessive esophageal increase, whether this stomach acid can be cured and how to eliminate nausea that often interfere with this.

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Hello Riki, thank you for asking at

Looks like you mean GERD. GERD is a pain caused by reflux or an increase in stomach acid to the throat. This can occur due to an increase in stomach acid in the body. Symptoms that arise in the form of heartburn, nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, belching, sore throat, chest burning, until the mouth feels sour. Complaints of diarrhea that you feel can also occur due to increased stomach acid.

Some of the causes of increased stomach acid are:

Food factors, including types of food (usually foods that are too acidic) or eating habits (eating too fast, too much, eating too late)
Beverage Factors, such as those containing caffeine (for example coffee), alcohol, or soda
Certain psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, panic
Smoking habit
Obesity, and so on.

To handle it properly of course you need to find out the exact cause. Therefore the examination needs to be done both physical examination and additional checks needed such as blood tests, ultrasound, gastroscopy examination, and so on.

For now things you can do to deal with the symptoms you feel are:

Avoid high saturated fatty foods, too spicy, or too sour
Do not lie down immediately after eating
Avoid drinks that stimulate increased gastric asthma
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Control stress well
Try to eat a little, but often rather than a lot in one meal
Antacids can be used to relieve your current symptoms

If the complaint continues or feels burdensome, immediately consult your doctor again to get further treatment.

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