Navel That Is Wet And Bleeding Baby?

my child is 2 months old but does his navel occasionally like to bleed and get wet? How to handle it and what causes it?

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First of all, I want to make sure in advance, whether your child's umbilical cord is already broken (not) or not?

If the umbilical cord has not broken, then you should immediately check your child to the pediatrician. Normally the umbilical cord will collapse within 1-3 weeks after birth. The umbilical cord that has not broken up to 4 weeks can still be said to be normal, but if it has passed more than 6 weeks the umbilical cord has not yet broken, it is necessary to do further examination to find the cause. The most common cause is the treatment of the umbilical cord which is wrong (for example, having bathed the child before the umbilical cord is broken, treating the umbilical cord with alcohol, closing the umbilical cord, etc.), other causes that are less common are disorders of the particular immune system.

If the new umbilical cord is gone, then a little bleeding from the umbilical cord is normal. This bleeding can occur up to approximately 1 week after the umbilical cord is broken. You can clean the baby's belly button with clean water every day, and press the navel a little until the bleeding stops. Be careful when cleaning the belly button and don't rub too hard to prevent re-injury.

If the umbilical cord has been extinct for a long time but bleeding continues to this day, then you should also immediately see your child at a pediatrician. Further examination should be done whether the bleeding occurs because there is an infection in the navel that makes the wound do not heal, or whether there are other disorders (such as blood clotting disorders) in children. For the time being you can gently press on the belly button by using gauze to stop the bleeding, and just like above, don't rub the belly button too hard when cleaning.

Other things to note:

Do not clean with alcohol
do not cover the navel with a wound or gauze cover
make sure the baby's diaper does not cover the navel (you can fold the front of the diaper so it doesn't cover and rub against the baby's navel)
You should still bathe the baby with a cloth, do not bathe the bath so that the wound is completely dry

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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