Nearly 1 Month CHAPTER Accompanied By Blood?

Illustration of Nearly 1 Month CHAPTER Accompanied By Blood?
Illustration: Nearly 1 Month CHAPTER Accompanied By Blood?

My ankle has come out 1 month and it’s bleeding. Mukany is pale. His stomach hurts, he said. now being pre-treated but haven’t changed so I have to change. For hsil labny. Negative urine. The leukocytes are 27,000.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at We are also concerned about your child's condition. Chapter bleed can occur due to various things, could be due to bleeding in the stomach, bleeding in the intestine, infection, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, inflammation of the intestine, polyps, to cancer. The point is as long as there is blood coming out into the digestive system, regardless of the source of the bleeding, there can be a bowel movement of blood. Therefore to deal with the chapter of blood, the most important thing for us to do is find out where the source of bleeding is, then think about how to stop the bleeding.

If the flow is not treated, blood will continue to come out of the body. In fact, blood contains oxygen and nutrients that are important for tissues. That is why symptoms appear pale and weak. Our advice now, you try to ask the doctor who treated him, what are the possible main causes, and what causes his condition does not improve even after a month.

This is important because the one who best understands your child's condition, and who knows which of the possibilities above best represents your child's condition is the doctor who treats him. Then ask, what treatment steps will be taken by the doctor, as well as what obstacles may be faced. If there are problems with facilities and infrastructure issues, ask the possibility to refer your child. Once again the point is, the answer to all your questions is actually in the doctor who treated him.

In the meantime, continue to support your child, ask your doctor what they can and should not consume, and help your doctor by always watching your child. Report any changes that occur, no matter how small. So, hopefully answering your question.

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