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at noon, I want a consultation, my right eye has been nearsighted for several years, when I first checked it was -1.5 a few months later it increased to -2.75 and astigmatism 1.5. Meanwhile, my left eye remains normal without any minus at all. I once went to the doctor and they were told that my condition was congenital, and my eye nerves were abnormal. now after more than a year minus my right eye continues to increase. Can my right eye be cured? If so, do you have to go through the surgical method? Thank you doctor

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First of all, I want to thank you for asking questions on I will try to help answer your question,

Myopia is a condition where an image falls in front of the retina because the cornea is too convex so that the image is difficult to focus on. Until now to cure minus eyes can only be done with a surgical procedure, namely LASIK. In general, minus eyes will continue to grow, especially at the age of 12 years to the age of 20, which if you have reached this age the addition of minus rarely occurs.

To prevent an increase in minus in your eyes you can,

1.     Consume healthy and highly nutritious foods, including fruits, vegetables, eggs and foods high in omega 3 such as mackerel, salmon or tuna

2.     Avoid smoking

3.     Use glasses that contain UV protector when exposed to the sun

4.     Always rest your eyes after working with them all day

5.     Regularly check your eye health with an ophthalmologist

Here's an article that you can read,

Get to know more about minus eyes

So much information that we can convey, hopefully this information can be useful to overcome your complaint.


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