Neck Aches In Children 5 Years

Illustration of Neck Aches In Children 5 Years
Illustration: Neck Aches In Children 5 Years

I want to ask my 5-year-old child, his eyes often flicker. Previously we thought his eyes were tired because he liked to wake up in the morning at 6 and it was hard to take a nap. Because for a while he was asked when he always said it was okay not sleepy and rubbed my eyes well I asked if his eyes were dry? itchy? He said no. For those who rubbed my eyes, I wasn’t too worried, maybe because of the sleepiness that was being held, which made me worried after I noticed that when he blinked, his neck shook, I investigated slowly, I asked him, but he said he said his neck was dead. For a sore child neck ointment or luat medicine what is safe for children huh?

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Hello Roby,

Thank you for the question.

Stiffness in the neck in children is most often caused by posture that is not ergonomic when active. It could also be, the collapse of your child's neck occurs due to other factors, such as lack of nutrition, injury during exercise, muscle cramps, viral or bacterial infections, disorders of the spine, disorders of the brain or spinal cord, arthritis, malingering, and so on. In addition, it is not impossible that your child often shakes his neck just for fun and without any particular complaints.

True to what you say, a child's eye condition that often flickers and rubs is likely to indicate that his eyes are tired, such as due to lack of sleep, staring at gadgets or television excessively, or exposure to dry air. It could also, complaints in his eyes this occurs because he experienced refraction of the eye (such as minus eye), entry of foreign objects, or other eye disorders.

To be clear, ideally you need to have your child seen by a doctor, pediatrician, or ophthalmologist. However, judging from the current condition, which is currently endemic COVID-19, it seems that this examination should be postponed until the outbreak has subsided, unless there is an emergency case.

As a first step, you can first resolve your child's complaints by:

 Warm compresses on your child's neck Compress cold eyes Accompany children to live a healthy lifestyle from an early age Do not give children a gadget too early Get used to putting children to sleep early, not too late Keep the environment around the child so that it is always clean, away from dust, wind, smoke and other pollutants Do not carelessly give children drugs without doctor's advice. If you see your child's complaints seem very disturbing, then you can check with your nearest doctor so that it is handled properly according to the cause.

I hope this helps.

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