Neck And Back Pain As Well As The Spine As If Pulled When Sitting?

Illustration of Neck And Back Pain As Well As The Spine As If Pulled When Sitting?
Illustration: Neck And Back Pain As Well As The Spine As If Pulled When Sitting?

hello, I want to ask, it’s been almost 1 month I feel there is pain in the neck. at first I thought it was a normal neck pain, after 3 days watching via mobile with a long duration, when I wake up my neck hurts when moved, even when I wake up. 4 days later I went to the health center because even though my neck was able to move, but my right muscle was aching. until the medicine runs out, I still feel the neck and back of the head hurts when I wake up early. but it’s only about 30 minutes when I wake up. when normal activities do not hurt anything. finally I went to the puskesmas again for the second time. because until the medicine runs out it still feels a bit painful neck when I wake up, finally I went to a neurologist. the results of my x-ray neck straightening. invisible spondyloarhrosus cervivalist. and lateral LS shows a lipping process in the corpus with the appearance of lumbar spondylosis. What does that mean? after the neurologist I was given nepatic medicine. pain in the neck and head when waking up is reduced. but so feel often dizzy or heavy head. when on the move. and the part of the spine above the pelvis so it feels like there’s a feeling of attraction when sitting. I beg for your advice doctor. Thank you in advance

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Hello Dian,

Thank you for the question.

Pain that is felt around the neck to the back of the head is often indeed caused by disorders of the spine. When referring to the results of your x-ray examination, then the possible cause of this pain is related to spondylosis, namely osteoarthritis (inflammation of the joints and bones) in the spine. Not only causes pain, spondylosis can also make the body feel tingling, numb, stiff, even weak and paralyzed when moved. This condition can trigger a lot, starting from the thinning of the cushions between the spine, the sticking cushions between the spine from the straight arrangement (herniation of the nucleus pulposus), ligament stiffness, calcification, injury, genetic abnormalities, to certain work activities.

In addition to spondylosis, pain can also be as you feel arises due to other factors, such as psychological disorders, peripheral neuropathy, viral or bacterial infections, metabolic disorders, degenerative disorders, stomach or lung disorders, and so on.

Pain in the spine due to spondylosis can be treated differently depending on the cause, milk, clinical symptoms that appear, and your general health condition. The medicine that your doctor prescribes contains the active composition gabapentin which is a type of anti-seizure drug. This drug works by affecting nerves and chemical compounds in the brain that often trigger seizures and pain. By the way this works, pain in the spine due to nerve disorders can also improve. Not only with medication, conditions like yours can also be combined with physiotherapy, lifestyle modification, and several other therapeutic modalities. Your condition that feels dizzy and heavy on the head at this time, in addition to being caused by side effects of treatment, can also indicate inadequate treatment.

Our advice, so that your condition is handled more optimally, consult further with a doctor or neurologist. Not just relying on doctor handling, your complaints also need to be alleviated by:

 Apply pain relievers to the area of ​​your body that is painful Do not carelessly ring or massage the area of ​​pain Regularly exercising to stretch the spine, such as with swimming or yoga Keep ideal body weight Regularly resting, use a flat sleeping pad, not too soft, but not too soft too hard Manage stress well Don't smoke Eat foods that are rich in B complex vitamins and drink lots of water Hope it helps yes ..

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