Neck And Head That Hurt And Left Chest Tightness, Whether Due To Fatigue Or An Illness?

Illustration of Neck And Head That Hurt And Left Chest Tightness, Whether Due To Fatigue Or An Illness?
Illustration: Neck And Head That Hurt And Left Chest Tightness, Whether Due To Fatigue Or An Illness?

Good night. I am a woman aged 24 years 9 months. My height is 158 and my weight is 65. It’s been a month off work to relax at home, before I worked as an accounting. These days I often stay up late and sleep in the living room chair. I sleep from 2 or 3 in the morning. But in the morning until the afternoon I lay in my room. Sometimes I just sleep at 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Wake up just to eat. These days my neck often aches to the head (not a pain like a sprain but the pain is really annoying). Yesterday, when I checked cholesterol, the result was 202. But for one week, my chest was uncomfortable. Like tightness and thumping. My question. Are my aching neck and head and tightness (left side) tight and the result of fatigue or illness? (sometimes when I get bored with sports, I walk 15 minutes every day, and cardio every night for 4 times a week with 30 minutes duration). Thank you for the answer.

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can empathize with the discomfort you experience.

There are several possibilities that can cause symptoms of left chest pain accompanied by tightness and palpitations, including problems with:

The heart, the characteristic of chest pain that is felt like being hit by a heavy burden / squeezed, usually radiates to the left shoulder / jaw / left arm, aggravated by physical / emotional activity, subsides with rest or administration of nitrate drugs, accompanying symptoms of cold sweat / nausea / vomiting / difficulty breathing; risk factors: smoking habits, obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, old age, lack of physical activity, and a history of coronary heart disease in first-line families (biological parents, siblings) at a young age at a young age (less than 55 years for men , less than 65 years for women)
Lung, the characteristics of chest pain are felt especially when breathing, accompanying symptoms such as tightness, coughing, fever
Muscles / bones, a characteristic of pain exacerbated by chest pressure in certain areas, usually associated with a history of trauma or activities that involve excessive use of chest muscles
The digestive tract, the characteristic of pain feels like heat / burning in the chest, accompanied by sour / bitter taste in the mouth, the stomach feels crisp, usually caused by the increase of stomach acid into the esophagus
Psychologically, it is a cause of chest pain that is thought about when other possible causes can be ruled out

To be able to find out the cause of the symptoms of chest pain, history taking, physical examination, and supporting examinations by doctors, such as heart record (ECG), chest x-ray, or blood tests (according to indications found). Because there are several emergency conditions that may be a trigger for chest pain, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately so that you can do an appropriate evaluation and appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

The symptoms of headaches that are felt can be caused by other causes that coincidentally occur together with the conditions that cause chest pain, such as tension type headaches, migraines, or cluster type headaches. Consult this with the doctor who treats you for further evaluation.

As a recommendation, you should get enough rest with regular sleep every night for 7-8 hours, avoid smoking, lose weight to the normal range (body mass index 18.5-22.9 kg / m2), continue to exercise regularly, and eat balanced nutritious food.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about chest pain. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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