Neck And Upper Back Pain?

Illustration of Neck And Upper Back Pain?
Illustration: Neck And Upper Back Pain?

Hello I have back pain 5thnan and once MRI 2x spine and xray lung pain around T4-T5. Previously there was pain around there, the doctor injected morphine at the site of pain but the relief did not last long, 2 weeks back again. now let alone for a long time the pain spreads to the neck n shoulders around the left trapezius muscle in the past we often take physiotherapy classes n acupuncture but the pain doesn’t disappear

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The condition of back pain that you experience needs to be explored further. Keep in mind since when back pain is experienced, the location of back pain experienced, back pain trigger factors (after activity, exercise, after an accident or collision), distribution of pain experienced (is there spread to the area around the center of pain), other symptoms experienced (tightness breath, chest pain, tingling, numbness, or difficulty moving in certain areas), history of trauma, history of surgery, history of treatment in the area concerned and response to treatment.

Back pain can be caused by several possible causes, including injury to the muscle area, ligaments, spine, this can be a condition of cramps or muscle attraction, inflammation of the spinal joints, fractures or fractures of the spine, disorders of the nervous system in the area spine or back, repetitive movements with poor posture, many bending or lifting heavy loads, pinched nerve conditions, or malignancy in the back region.

Repeated back pain can be caused by improper posture during daily activities, so that these symptoms can recur or recur. Keep in mind your posture when on the move or at work. If there are other medical conditions such as lumps, it needs to be treated according to the underlying cause. It is advisable to consult a doctor or neurologist regarding further examination and management.

It is not recommended to take self-medication without doctor's instructions, avoid doing sequencing in advance, observing postures and improving posture, stretching exercises according to capacity. Also note that anatomic abnormalities or improvement in bodily functions cannot happen instantly, but healthy lifestyle and habits need to be done to prevent the recurrence of pain.

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