Neck Lumps?

Illustration of Neck Lumps?
Illustration: Neck Lumps?

Hello my doc fidea I am 18 years old want to ask doc why every time I consume too much instant noodles there is always a lump in my neck like chewy dock and then after I did not consume instant noodles the lump disappeared “why huh doc?

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There is a lump in the neck that is visible, possibly a swollen lymph node or regional KGB in the neck. KGB is a lymph node which is one of the immune systems that helps the body fight off harmful substances in the body, fight infections that attack the body and filter out substances that come flowing in lymph fluid. When the body gets an attack of infection, the body's lymphatic system will help fight it, and if it enters enough to overload the lymphatic function, the lymph nodes will work harder and eventually experience swollen lymph nodes.

Lymph nodes are widespread in parts of the body, which are located at:

Neck and surrounding areas
Fold the thigh
In the body

Some of the medical conditions below can trigger complaints of swollen lymph nodes, such as:

Upper respiratory or ear infections
Lower respiratory infection
Skin infections
Infection of the KGB itself
Auto immune disease

Therefore, if at this time you often feel the appearance of a lump in your neck when you consume instant food or the like or more specifically, then you should avoid it or not consume it. This is because your body tries to fight the effects of the food you consume. Or another possibility, if you consume this instant food, will trigger inflammation in your throat area or cause inflammation in your throat or your esophagus which eventually triggers complaints of a lump in the neck.

If this has passed 3-6 days, the development process will gradually improve and disappear, so long as you do not consume it again after a bump appears, the lump will disappear immediately and not appear. Therefore, you should consider avoiding the consumption of instant foods that increase your complaints. This is to respond to your body's response to the food you consume and prevent further risks.

However, all of this still requires direct evaluation and examination by your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. Is this complaint triggered by the food you consume or because of other medical conditions that already exist and are increasingly visible after you consume instant food. The doctor will conduct an evaluation and plan further examinations to help determine the cause. If all tests are normal, all you need to do is avoid all the triggers for this complaint.

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