Need A CT Scan After The Child’s Head Hit?

Illustration of Need A CT Scan After The Child’s Head Hit?
Illustration: Need A CT Scan After The Child’s Head Hit?

Afternoon, my nephew fell 2 days ago the day before yesterday. The head bumped and part of his nose bone was broken. Then the treatment has been to the ENT doctor. However, today (day 2 of the incident) suddenly arrived body fever 38.5 degrees and vomiting up to 3x. Is this still the effect of the impact and should a CT scan be done? Is CT scan safe for children? Thank you

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First of all, it is necessary to be sure in advance how hard the impact on your niece's head is and which part of her head has collided. Vomiting in children can occur for many reasons, it may be caused by bleeding in the brain due to collisions on the head, but it can also be caused by other things. Some other possible causes are infection of the broken nose area, inflammation of the lining of the brain or meningitis (for example if there is a base fracture or open fracture on the head), it can also be caused by other things that are not related to the impact experienced, for example the child has a channel infection breath, gastrointestinal infections, ear infections, etc.

You should bring your nephew to the pediatrician first to do a physical examination directly on the child. If there are indeed other signs that lead to a fever due to head injury, the pediatrician will refer your niece to have a head CT scan. For now, make sure your nephew gets enough to replace the fluids lost due to vomiting. Give a little more fluid but more often. The liquid given can be any liquid, electrolyte liquid, milk, soup broth, fruit juice, coconut water, or other liquids that children want to drink.

If your nephew experiences severe vomiting and no fluid can enter at all, decreased urination or no urination at all, decreased consciousness, immediately take him to the hospital.

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