Nerve Pinched Nerve?

Illustration of Nerve Pinched Nerve?
Illustration: Nerve Pinched Nerve?

Good night. I have undergone therapy for 7 times a month, but it still recurs frequently, plus my child is sick for 4 days in a row carrying it until my waist hurts and it makes it hard for me to stand up. If I sit only 1-2 minutes then stand it hurts for mercy. I feel that the therapy I have been through has not produced any results. What I want to ask: 1. Is it not bad for my fetus? Because when sitting so as not to hurt when standing I have to hold the stomach until the pain disappears! 2. What other therapy should I do so that I can recover as before and so that my fetus is also fine. Thank you, I hope you and your family are prosperous … regards …

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Hello ummu

Thank you for the question.

Spinal nerves can be pinched due to various factors, ranging from injuries, tumors or infections that urge nerves, scoliosis, degenerative diseases, inflammatory disorders, and so on. Depending on the location and cause of the nerve pins, this condition can cause various clinical symptoms, often in the form of pain, tingling, numbness, to weakness and paralysis in the locomotor. Frequently, complaints due to this condition will feel more severe when you exert excessive physical activity. Inadequate treatment can make complaints last longer, thus limiting your activities.

Experiencing nerve nerves during pregnancy can be dangerous for the fetus, or may not, depending on the cause. But clearly, suffering from nerve pain during pregnancy can make your activities become very disturbed, and your potential for normal childbirth can also diminish.

Unfortunately, we do not examine you directly, so it is not appropriate for us to determine the best treatment for your condition, and predict the potential danger to your condition for the fetus you are carrying.

We suggest that you consult further with your doctor or neurologist for further evaluation regarding your current condition. In mild cases, the nerve can often be treated simply by administering several types of drugs, coupled with physiotherapy. However, in more severe and less responsive cases with conservative therapy, the doctor can also perform surgery or other medical procedures.

In the meantime, what we can recommend to you:

Get more rest
Choose a sleeping mat that is flat and not too soft
Don't be afraid to share roles with your spouse or relatives, especially in caring for children and doing other work
Compress warm areas of the body that are painful, do not be careless
Always wear comfortable, loose clothing, avoid high heels

Drink 2-3 liters of water a day, and eat regularly
No stress or excessive anxiety
Do muscle stretching exercises as much as you can, but still with a doctor's supervision

Hope this helps ...

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