Nerves That Work When Sneezing?

Illustration of Nerves That Work When Sneezing?
Illustration: Nerves That Work When Sneezing?

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Hello Maulana Ibnu Ramadhan,

Sneezing (sternutation) is a response of the body when there is a foreign body (dirt, dust, powder, etc.) or irritation to the nose. The sneeze reflex is divided into 2 phases namely the sensitive phase and the efferent phase (respiratori). When there are foreign particles (chemical or physical form) or physical stimulation of the olfactory nerve, the nerve will convey to the medulla of the brain and an increased response arises from mucous secretions in the nasal cavity. Increased mucus and foreign bodies that are still in the nasal cavity will cause an increase in stimulus which then stimulates the trigeminal nerve to a certain threshold of stimulus (stimulation) is transmitted to the medulla of the brain to stimulate the sneezing efferent phase.

The efferent phase begins with the brain responding to the muscles in the trachea, pharynx, chest to create pressure when sneezing. In addition to stimulation through nerve cells in the nasal mucosa, excessive mucous stimulation in the sinus cavity against nerve cells there can also trigger sneezing. About 1/3 of the world's people can also be aroused by sneezing when they see sunlight or bright light, which is known as the photic sneeze reflex (through the trigeminal nerve branch - the ophthalmic and infraorbital nerves).

Sneezing occurs very quickly. The body expels water, mucus, and air through the nose (mouth) with strong pressure. When the eyes sneeze will be closed, the tongue is in the roof of the mouth, the palate of the mole (soft palate - back side) and the uvula will decrease more, increase intrapulmonary pressure, and contraction of several muscles. Because sneezing can remove foreign particles from the airways including all bacteria and viruses, you should sneeze toward the elbows in the arms, tissues and then discarded, or wear a mask when you cough a cold (often sneezing).

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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