Neurobion Injection?

Illustration of Neurobion Injection?
Illustration: Neurobion Injection?

Evening. NI just got a neurobion shot. Due to stiff joints and painful bones. The doctor recommended neurobion injection and some other fluids but I forgot the name. I don’t know the dose of neurobion given. But a few moments later when I urinated, my urine had blood. nPlease ask for more info, why? I’m so scared. nFYI, my sister also injected the same for the same reason but she is fine nThank you.

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Hello. Thank you for asking

Before answering, there are some questions that we would like to ask you, including:

Is the red color in the urine accompanied by pain when urinating (BAK)?
Do you have difficulty urinating?
How long have you noticed a red urine color or just after injection with Neurobion?
How often does your urine turn red (several times a day)?

Red urine may seem scary, because it can indicate the presence of blood in the urine. But don't panic yet, because red urine can be caused by several factors such as:

Medicines: anti-clotting / blood thinners anisinadione, warfarin, cerubidine chemotherapy drugs, phenolphthalein laxatives, rifampicin antibiotics, pyridium urinary tract infection drugs, or B vitamins, etc.
Food: red dragon fruit, beets and blackberries
Health problems: blood in the urine (hematuria) is a condition where there are red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the urine. This condition can be caused by the presence of kidney stones, tumors in the urinary tract, bladder cancer, prostate cancer or urinary tract infections, especially if accompanied by the presence of leukocytes (white blood cells) and pain during BAK.
Excessive exercise

Therefore, it must be distinguished that the cause of urine is red due to the presence of blood or comes from food or medicine. If the red color in the urine occurs only one to two times it could be from food or medicine. Neurobion is a B complex vitamin known as a neurotropic vitamin which contains vitamins B1, B6, and B12. Giving this vitamin is done when there are indications of vitamin B deficiency or experiencing nerve or muscle disorders. The benefits of vitamin B complex include protecting nerve cells, relieving muscle tension and improving metabolism as well as for the formation and maturation of red blood cells. However, neurobion, especially in large doses, can cause several side effects such as:

Allergies (hives and hives)
Feeling palpitations

To determine the cause of the red color in the urine, laboratory analysis of the urine and blood tests should be performed. Some steps you can take on your own to reduce symptoms are:

Drink lots of water
Enough rest
Don't do too much exercise
Live a healthy lifestyle with foods that contain balanced nutrition
Don't wear pants that are too tight

If your condition persists, our best advice is to consult a urologist for a thorough examination and optimal treatment. May be useful. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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