Neurologist And Internal Medicine … ??

Illustration of Neurologist And Internal Medicine … ??
Illustration: Neurologist And Internal Medicine … ??

Good night, .I am 31 years old … from 4 years ago I was sick, but don’t know what it is, I’ve been to a neurologist, internal medicine, tht, psychiatrist, symptoms that I feel now, easily tired, legs from the knees down weak and often trembling small, body balance is often disturbed, often migrants, nausea, heart palpitations are felt throughout the body, back pain, shoulders and neck often feel tense, symptoms are more pronounced when you see the sun’s glare, or from a bright room to the room dark at night … Lately I feel sick when I drink coffee, and eat cow lungs, What kind of disease am I experiencing, and what should I do …?

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Thank you for the question.

Easily tired, legs feel weak and trembling, disturbed balance, migraine, nausea, heart palpitations, back pain, tension in the neck to the shoulders, it does not specifically refer to certain diseases. Most likely, your complaints arise due to psychiatric disorders, which trigger an increase in nerve impulses to various organs so that triggers the emergence of a variety of physical complaints that can not always be explained in detail in the mechanism of scientific action. The psychiatric disorders can be influenced by ordinary stress, but can also be due to more serious illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, excessive anxiety disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

It may also be that your various complaints arise due to several other causes, which may be related to one another or not, for example migraine, infection, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, dyspepsia, malnutrition, thyroid gland disorders, hormonal disorders, heart disorders, drug effects, allergies, inflammatory disorders, and so on. Your statement which says that the complaint worsened mainly when seeing glare or experiencing a change from glare to dark is not specific in reference to the symptoms of certain diseases.

To be clear, in truth you need to see yourself directly to the doctor. However, given that COVID-19 is currently outbreaking, if your complaint can still be alleviated by the efforts below, we recommend that you postpone checking with your doctor so that your risk of contracting the disease can be minimized:

 Expand relaxation, do things that make you calm, such as reading, worshiping, doing hobbies, and chatting with loved ones. Eat enough and be nutritious, drink more water Discipline exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Apply sleep and wake patterns that are regularly every day (6-9 hours a day) Warm compresses areas of the body that are painful, tense, and nauseated First limit the intake of caffeinated and fizzy drinks Do not take any drugs if not given by your doctor Do not also smoke or consume alcohol Conversely, if complaints feels very disturbing to you, and makes it difficult for you to do even mild activity, it is better to check yourself directly to the nearest doctor. If necessary, you can later be referred to an internist or other specialist in order to get more optimal treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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