Never Had A High Fever?

Illustration of Never Had A High Fever?
Illustration: Never Had A High Fever?

Hello, for the past 10 years. Every time I am diagnosed with a disease with one of the symptoms of high fever (typhoid, appendicitis, etc.), strangely I have never had these symptoms (never had a high fever). Though other symptoms such as chills, headaches, abdominal pain, etc. appear Is this normal? Isn’t a fever an indication that we have good immunity? Is my immune bad?

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Hello Herman, thank you for asking.

Fever has become an indication of an infection process in the body. Fever is caused because when the body has an infection, body cells go the extra mile to try to deal with the infection. This extra work means an increase in cell metabolism. When cell metabolism increases, there is increased heat release. This is one of the reasons for the onset of fever.

Excessive heat production must be removed from the body. The heat can be released through sweat, urine and respiratory steam. It is possible that your body has an effective heat dissipation mechanism, so that body heat does not increase to height. It may also be that the fever does not soar high because you have taken preventative mechanisms, for example by drinking lots of water, or taking fever-lowering drugs. Basically as long as your body can respond to treatment properly, you should not need to worry. The most important thing, of course, is to improve lifestyle and good eating patterns so that infections do not recur.

Hopefully this answer can increase your knowledge. Regards.

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