New Baby Teething 2, Is It Safe To Feed Rice ??

,, My child is more than 10 months old. His teeth just grew 2 in the gums below. Is it safe if you are given rice ???

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Hello good evening, Ms. Hayatunnufus. Thank you for asking

Babies begin to be given food other than breast milk from the age of 6 months and from then on it will begin to be introduced to a variety of foods starting from a soft texture then to a more solid one. This is so that according to the child's ability to chew food and readiness of the digestive organs owned by children.

Starting around the age of 9 months can usually be given rice in the form of porridge should be combined with small pieces of vegetables. This is to prevent choking. And can be given snacks in the form of finger food that stimulates motor movements of children.

Stages of good food are started from the fine filter team porridge then begins to increase to a coarse team pulp. Then rice can be added with water in the making so that the rice is softer and softer, this prevents the child from choking. If the child has begun to chew and swallow properly the water content can be reduced

Further information can be read in the following article,.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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