New Heartburn When Old Age

Illustration of New Heartburn When Old Age
Illustration: New Heartburn When Old Age

Hello, permission to ask the doctor. My father is 57 years old already 2 months. My father often feels abdominal pain, bloating, acid esophagus, dizziness. After checking into one hospital he said my father had intestinal inflammation and gastric inflammation and finally was hospitalized for 3 days given antibiotics. But the symptoms were still felt up to 3 times the consul to the same hospital finally the doctor referred my father to another hospital. After checking into a new hospital, the doctor said that my father had an ulcer and his stomach was chronic but 5 times the consul symptoms were still felt by my father and now his stomach ache is getting stronger. there is a history of gastritis and eating patterns are very regular. What do you think about this doctor about my father’s illness? Thank you doctor

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Hello nur

Thank you for asking

I understand your concern, stomach acid disease is the most common digestive disorder. But among the many people who have the disorder, most are dominated by parents. Yes, the more you age, the more risk you will experience stomach acid disorders. In addition, this disease can be a serious problem. This disorder can be caused by various things:

taking drugs to relieve symptoms that can cause irritation to the stomach and can cause throat valve muscles to become saggy.
weight gain that often occurs, can cause stomach acid disease occurs. Fat that accumulates in the stomach can compress the stomach, thereby increasing pressure in the digestive organs. This condition which then causes stomach acid to rise into the throat
as we get older, changes in the composition of digestive organs can occur. As a result, there is a risk of the entry of components that can erode the stomach wall, into the digestive organs.
smokers, drink caffeine and alcohol
people who often lie down or sleep after eating

as well as a lot of thoughts or stress

so it is not only caused by irregular food, so many possible causes that initially the pain is not felt or ignored, because of the wrong lifestyle, so do not feel the pain because it is still light or the body can still tolerate it but over time and with age makes the body increasingly responds to the pain. moreover already have a history of gastric acid which is neglected as well as by doing the wrong lifestyle so that it makes it worse so that it becomes chronic and gastric sores. if this is left alone it can cause complications.

so you should still do the re-control to the doctor, to evaluate your father's illness, because this disease can recur. especially if you apply the wrong lifestyle and a lot of thoughts or stress whether complaints of stomach pain can recur.

There are several things you can do:

eat a little but often
avoid foods that contain acid, spicy, gas and high in fat
avoid consuming caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol
avoid eating too much at once.
consume medications that your doctor regularly gives
avoid stress
avoid taking drugs without doctor's advice because it can worsen your father's illness
if you consume herbal medicine, you should consult your doctor first

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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