New Molars

Illustration of New Molars
Illustration: New Molars

Hello doctor, I want to ask..I experienced a new graham tooth growth on the right end / tip, but it seems to be shifting a little to the right so I feel like a lump when eating or talking, makes me uncomfortable to move my mouth .. Does graham teeth the new must be revoked or what? thank you

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Hello Rasti,

Thank you for the question.

Wisdom graham teeth often grow out of direction and position, making it difficult to eat, talk, even just open their mouths. Graham tooth conditions like this can require different treatments, some are just enough to be observed, but some need to be operated so as not to cause prolonged complaints. The most entitled to determine what the best management of your condition would be a dentist who examined you directly. However, given that COVID-19 is currently outbreaking, non-urgent dental and oral care procedures (including complaints like yours) are often advised to be postponed. The aim is to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Therefore, you better handle your complaints first by:

Be more diligent in brushing your teeth and gargling with salt solution
First multiply the consumption of food and drinks that are easily swallowed, not too hard, sticky, hot, or cold
Increase rest and relaxation
Don't just take any medicine

If with this step the complaint does not improve, or if there is unbearable pain and swelling around your youngest graham teeth, you can check yourself directly to the dentist so that you can treat it further.

I hope this helps.

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