Newborn Baby On His Body There Seems Like Pus

Hello doctor sorry for interrupting the time I want to ask, my sister was born more than a week, recently my sister around her thighs and her back like pus pus, how do you handle that? mom and dad panicked doc beg for his help

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 We understand the concerns that you and your family feel
 Pus can be a sign that a bacterial infection has occurred. Some disease conditions that can cause pus in infants, including:

Follicuitis / inflammation of the hair follicles under the skin layer

Prickly heat

An abscess / boil is a pus-filled sac due to infection under the deeper layers of the skin

Ideally, a direct examination is needed to determine the type of abnormality on your sister's skin. Therefore, we suggest that you / your family bring your younger sibling to the nearest doctor or pediatrician. The doctor will evaluate and examine the abnormalities that occur in the skin in the back and thigh area. Administration of drugs is determined based on clinical findings from examinations conducted. Generally, skin disorders that cause pus require antibiotics to get rid of germs that cause disease.

What can be done is to avoid giving clothes that are too tight for babies such as swaddling or octopus because it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. Avoid giving herbal medicines / concoctions that are made themselves in the festering area because it can trigger the severity of the infection.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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