Illustration of Night,?
Illustration: Night,?

I want to ask about my teeth. At the moment my left and right upper molars have holes, because the perforation is quite severe, finally the doctor in charge of me advised me to patch it temporarily and wait 1 to 3 weeks to see if the tooth would hurt, if the pain would be turned off and permanent patches. While my teeth now have a lot of tartar. Can I clean my tartar while the molars are patched temporarily? Previously, thank you.

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Tartar is a condition where there is accumulation of dirt around the teeth and up to the tooth area where this is usually dirt that has hardened, usually this is seen by the appearance of yellowish-colored, swollen gums, bleeding easily. Handlers who do things that can be experienced is

 Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Every meal should be dental floss and gargle. Avoid smoking and food too sweet. Good dental care every 6 months to 1 year. For further scaling, this is usually an act and by eroding tartar this is not something dangerous usually the thing that becomes taboo is when you are using blood thinning drugs. Regarding the treatment of the nerves that you are going to, you should first tell the dentist who will treat you. This aims to be more careful on that part of the tooth.

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