Nightmares And Waking Up With Irregular Breathing, Sweating, Anxiety And Fatigue

Illustration of Nightmares And Waking Up With Irregular Breathing, Sweating, Anxiety And Fatigue
Illustration: Nightmares And Waking Up With Irregular Breathing, Sweating, Anxiety And Fatigue

Hello doctor. I’m 20 years old. I’ve seen various articles about sleep disorders but want to ask hello to the doctor too. So I experience 3-4 different nightmares in a month. After flying irregular breathing (even having difficulty breathing), sweating, feeling restless so that you have to wake up a few hours before you can fall asleep again, then feel tired. I am a lucid dream, so every nightmare I can always escape and fly, but to be able to escape from a dream, I have to move a rigid body and after moving parts of the body like there is an attack on the body so that the breath begins to stabilize. Thank you.

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By definition, nightmares are conditions that cause a person to feel anxious, depressed, afraid, and even terror when he sleeps. Nightmares often occur during REM or rapid eye movement. In the sleep phase, REM occurs in nearly 20-25% of the human sleep phase. In the REM stage, several conditions can occur such as

Weak body muscles
The brain becomes very active
Brain metabolism increased by 20%

When you enter the brake sleep phase, several characteristics will occur, namely:

Dream events will be more active or easily occur
The ability of muscle contractions will be very depressed, so it will feel difficult to move
Eyes quickly close and open
Gastric acid increases
Irregular muscle movements occur

Therefore, if you feel a complaint of dreams, then this often occurs during REM sleep, where your muscles are difficult to move as you say. However, the nightmare that you feel lately, is one form of dreams that occur in the REM phase that can be influenced by external factors and your general health condition.

In general, nightmares can come in various forms or complaints, both nightmares in the form of being chased, small creatures, past events, dreams of having tense, falling and so on. If these nightmare complaints occur frequently, can trigger complaints that interfere with your daily life and your comfort, such as:

Starts making you anxious
Your body is easily drowsy, tired and lethargic when you wake up or during the day
Makes you feel uncomfortable to start sleeping
Concentration decreases, disrupting your productivity
Easily scared by the dark or night atmosphere

If nightmare complaints often arise and disturb you, then it is necessary for you to start evaluating some possibilities that can trigger the emergence of these complaints, such as:

Stress or anxiety
Many problems you face and have not yet found a solution
Conflict with family, friends or the environment
Meet events that make you anxious or traumatic events
Great influence
The influence of thought patterns and problem patterns
Penagruh what is read or seen
Severe physical fatigue
Sleep deprivation habit
Suffer from illness, such as high fever

By identifying the triggers for complaints that you feel, then you will be able to minimize the triggers for complaints that you feel. Begin to control some of the triggering factors above if you find it. Begin to organize and commit to controlling it gradually. By controlling independently, your sleep will be more relaxed and your body will also be more comfortable when on the move. Some other businesses you can also do, such as avoiding conflict, doing regular exercise, avoiding sleeping late, and doing relaxation such as worship.

However, if your efforts don't help control this complaint after 2 weeks, then you should ask your neurologist for help in evaluating and helping you adjust your complaint. The doctor will conduct a physical and supportive examination if necessary, thus, all the results of the examination will assist the doctor in providing care and supervision for you. So you will be comfortable and relaxed while you sleep.

Thus the info we can convey.

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