I’m not married yet and I have big breasts but why aren’t my nipples coming out? Is it dangerous for the future? Thank you

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Inverted nipple or sinking nipple is a condition where the nipple does not protrude, but sinks into. There are three diverted nipple divisions, namely:

Grade 1: Nipples appear flat, and come out easily with the help of a finger.

Grade 2: The nipple can only be removed by applying pressure around the nipple, and if removed, the nipple will sink back

Grade 3: Nipples cannot be removed even if the pressure is placed around the nipples.

The cause of the occurrence of inverted nipple is not yet clearly known, but in some literature says due to hereditary factors, the formation of scar tissue in the breast. Inverted nipples are generally harmless. The following actions can be done to help the nipple out: 1. Place the thumb and forefinger facing each other between the nipples

2. Squeeze both fingers while gently pulling the nipple out

3. Rotate your finger slightly in a clockwise position

4. Repeat this step about 4-5 times a day

If these actions have not been successful, it can be consulted with an obstetrician, for further examination and action.

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