No Bowel Movements For 10 Days, Safe?

Illustration of No Bowel Movements For 10 Days, Safe?
Illustration: No Bowel Movements For 10 Days, Safe?

Assallamuallaikum, I am the baby’s father, who is only 25 days … since this 10 days my child did not defecate, BUT, after 3 days he did not defecate, his body was hot and sometimes coughing, his voice was hoarse, I took him to the midwife he said it was normal the baby sometimes also did not defecate more than a week, but my child has been a bit fussy lately … My child only drinks breast milk, and when I take it to the midwife I am given a lowering medication, which has a small dose, so as to give it dissolved in breast milk, But giving the drug 3 times a day, sometimes I only give only 1 time, day and night I do not give. And also my child often fart with a pungent odor, Is a child the same age as my child does not CHAPTER 10 days more? Do I need a massage for my kids? Maybe there is something I need to do?

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Hello Bakris,

Thank you for asking

Often, newborns who still consume exclusive breastfeeding are prone to constipation. This constipation occurs mainly because the components of breast milk are very easily digested and absorbed by the baby's digestive tract, so very little is left through feces. Provided that your baby can still urinate as usual, it is difficult this chapter does not occur until it lasts longer than 2 weeks, and your baby also does not show severe complaints, such as vomiting, do not want to suckle, less active, colic, hard stomach, and etc., generally this condition does not require special handling.

Need to be clarified exactly how your baby's body temperature?

If it is true that your baby's body temperature is high (fever, more than 37.5 degrees Celsius), it could be, CHAPTER interference, as well as other complaints that your baby is experiencing, namely fever, cough, hoarseness, fussiness, and frequent bowel movements due to infection, can be due to viruses or bacteria. This infection can occur in the respiratory system, digestion, or other organ systems.

Presumably, if this fever has occurred for more than 3 days, we recommend that you check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be given the right treatment, right?

You can do the following steps:

Give your baby exclusive breastfeeding, no need to give additional food or other drinks
Compress hot baby's body with warm water
Keep baby from temperatures that are too cold, dust, smoke, and pollution
You can do light massage on the baby's abdomen with a clockwise direction, then move his feet like he was pedaling a bicycle so that the BAB is smoother
Do not carelessly give babies drugs without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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