No Menstruation After Taking Birth Control Pills?

Illustration of No Menstruation After Taking Birth Control Pills?
Illustration: No Menstruation After Taking Birth Control Pills?

I took the pill but I got the red one or the one that made my period but I drank whether my period could get pregnant. Because it’s an empty pill, isn’t it?

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There is a history of routine use of birth control pills every month, and now you are included in the schedule of taking placebo / empty pills or pills taken during menstruation, but at this time you are not menstruating, so you should continue to take birth control pills according to the schedule and timeline. After one blister of the birth control pill has finished, you can continue with the new blister pill according to the schedule. Thus, the dose of birth control pills that you use will still be appropriate and it is hoped that the birth control program will continue according to plan.
Even if you are currently on a schedule for taking a placebo pill, but at this time you have not menstruated, then this condition is a natural thing experienced by both women or by family planning acceptors. If you use birth control pills according to the instructions of your doctor or midwife, then the delay in your pregnancy or birth control program is still going well, so you may not be pregnant even if you are late for your period. The existence of complaints of late menstruation at this time, the possibility can be triggered by other conditions, such as body condition and your stamina decreases, you are sick, or stressed. So that this condition can be re-evaluated in the next one or two menstrual cycles.
In some cases, there are instances where pregnancy occurs even though family planning acceptors use birth control according to the procedure. So the steps you can take before starting a new birth control pill blister is to do a pregnancy test examination independently. If the pregnancy test results show negative results, then you can continue the new blister birth control pill as scheduled. If the pregnancy test results are positive, then you can stop using birth control pills for the next phase.
However, if you feel this complaint recurs in the next cycle or you feel this complaint is bothering you, you should consult with your obstetrician. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations, and supporting examinations as needed. The results of the examination will be a reference for your doctor to help with your recovery and treatment or to help reduce this complaint.
Sealin, doctors will be able to ensure the presence or absence of other medical conditions that affect late menstrual complaints, such as side effects from birth control, uterine infections, cysts, or hormonal balance disorders. If there are no medical conditions that affect this complaint, then the doctor can carry out a periodic evaluation of the health condition and this complaint.
For now, you should avoid stress, physical fatigue and avoid sleeping late. Inadequate healthy nutrition and water and ideally your weight.
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