No Menstruation After Using Birth Control After Birth?

I have been my doctor since 1 year 4 months after ankle I was born but since then until now I have never experienced menstrual lg and weight and I am very good at my appetite, even though I am far less able to and I always exercise. But why I actually feel very easy to feel body ache different from the time after I gave birth to the 1st ank even though menstruation is irregular and my appetite decreases but I don’t easily skt and also get heavy and I return to normal size before giving birth much more quick. What should I do now? If I keep going on, but don’t have a period once like now, will it be dangerous? Because it’s hard and I’m also big-hearted, am I afraid of being obese?

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Hello Lenny Setiawan Lie,

Contraception is a method used to prevent pregnancy. There are various types of contraception or birth control, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Types of KBhormonal can cause weight gain. Hormonal birth control consists of a combination of hormones that can affect the menstrual cycle and thus prevent pregnancy.

The hormones found in hormonal birth control are the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen at high doses can increase appetite and retain fluids in the body. This is then considered to cause weight gain in some people who use hormonal birth control. However, the type of hormonal birth control that is used when containing the hormone estrogen is not in high doses, so the actual effect on weight gain is not significant. Weight gain due to the use of hormonal birth control will return to normal within two to three months after initial use. So you don't need to worry.

The form and method of using hormonal birth control can be various. The following are the most commonly used forms:

Birth control pills inhibit egg release (ovulation). The hormones in birth control pills also change the nature of the mucus in the cervix that inhibits the movement of sperm making it difficult to reach the egg. These hormones also make changes in the uterine lining so that the results of fertilization are difficult to stick to and develop. There are birth control pills that can launch menstruation / make menstruation regularly, but there are also some people who don't get periods at all (amenorrhea).

Injecting contraception contains the same progestin hormone as birth control pills and implanted birth control. The most widely used injection KB is Depo Provera, injected every 3 months (12 weeks). The effect of each injection itself lasts for an average of 13 weeks. The method of injecting birth control in the prevention of pregnancy is more or less the same as birth control pills and other hormonal contraceptives.

Implants or Implants are types of birth control that are placed under the skin (usually the upper arm in the inside). This KB contains the hormone progesterone which is released little by little from the implant tube into the body. KB implants can last for 3-5 years. By using implants, the risk of forgetting to take medication that usually occurs in the use of birth control pills can be avoided.

No menstruation during birth control can be influenced by factors such as the type of hormonal birth control used, breastfeeding, stress, significant weight loss, obesity, certain diseases (eg PCOS), and strenuous exercise. The condition is not menstruating because the use of birth control is not dangerous, because hormone levels in the body are regulated in such a way that the uterine wall does not thicken, so it does not decay out into menstruation. Same with side effects not menstruation, not all hormonal contraceptive users experience weight gain. If you are still unsure about using the birth control that you are using right now or feel uncomfortable with weight gain or menstrual conditions, consult your obstetrician to determine what type of birth control is right for you and to evaluate other uterine problems that might cause no menstruation.

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