No Menstruation For 3 Months And Vaginal Discharge?

Illustration of No Menstruation For 3 Months And Vaginal Discharge?
Illustration: No Menstruation For 3 Months And Vaginal Discharge?

Hi!! I wish I was still 15 years old. I want to ask .. I’ve missed my menstruation for 3 months and I’ve never done anything. But in addition, I experience vaginal discharge every day and the discharge is slightly yellow, thick and smelly. Besides that, I have lots of zits on my face. I guess what is the cause?

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First of all, I want to confirm beforehand, have you had regular menstruation before?

The cause of disruption of the menstrual cycle as you experience it most often is caused by pregnancy. If you have a history of sexual relations in any form (not necessarily accompanied by penetration into the vagina), then you should do a pregnancy test with a test pack first. The following article you can read about how to use a test pack. If you have never had sexual intercourse in any form, then some other possible causes of menstrual cycle disorders include:

hormonal imbalance in the first years after menarche (first menstruation)
hormonal disorders because the body is too fat or too thin, excessive weight gain or loss, excessive exercise, excessive stress
hormonal disorders due to certain diseases such as PCOS, diabetes, Celiac disease, thyroid hormone disorders
regular use of certain drugs or hormonal contraception
certain cancers that interfere with hormonal conditions

If the possibility of pregnancy has been ruled out, you should immediately check with your obstetrician so that you can find out further why you are not menstruating. The obstetrician not only examines women who are pregnant, but also treats menstrual disorders as you experience them. This check must also be done to find out the cause of your vaginal discharge.

Acne that appears can occur due to normal hormonal changes that cause increased production of sebum on the face, it can also be related to your non-menstrual conditions such as if menstruation is not caused by PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Here are more articles that you can read about PCOS.

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