No Menstruation For 7 Months And Weight Gain After Implantable KB?

Illustration of No Menstruation For 7 Months And Weight Gain After Implantable KB?
Illustration: No Menstruation For 7 Months And Weight Gain After Implantable KB?

sorry I was asking yesterday after my birth opr cesar turned out I was in the ultrasound yet to put on a KB device after a distance of 40 days from giving birth to my implantable KB device after that I did not menstruate until now almost 7 months and my BB is actually adding now 66 kg what do I do if I have to replace the KB device so that my period is normal and the bb goes down or is it another solution Thank you in advance

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Implanted birth control is a KB that contains progesterone only. This KB is one of the recommended KB for use by women who are breastfeeding because it does not affect milk production and is quite practical to use because it can be used to prevent pregnancy for up to 3 years. However, implant birth control still has side effects and menstrual cycle disorders are one of the most common side effects of using this KB (and other hormonal birth control that only contains progesterone, such as breastfeeding birth control pills and 3-month injectable birth control pills). Menstrual disorders that can occur include:

irregular or even menstrual cycles
menstruation that becomes longer or shorter
more or less blood
bleeding (spots) outside the menstrual cycle

Non-menstrual conditions that occur due to the use of birth control occur because the lining of the uterus that falls during menstruation (endometrial lining) is not formed due to the influence of hormones in contraception (not because blood cannot come out). This condition is not dangerous at all and will not affect your fertility going forward after you remove the KB (fertility and the menstrual cycle will return to normal after you remove the KB). Therefore you do not need to worry too much if you do not menstruate when using this KB.

Regarding weight gain, there are indeed some women who report the occurrence of weight gain when using KB, but research shows no meaningful relationship (meaning weight gain is not caused by the use of birth control). To prevent weight gain, you can try to maintain your diet and the food / drinks you consume and your lifestyle as well (increase physical activity and exercise). You are not advised to go on a strict diet if you breastfeed your baby, but you are still advised to eat just enough (don't overeat).

If indeed you still want to change your contraception, discuss with your obstetrician or midwife. Contraception which is considered quite safe and does not cause menstrual cycle disorders is a non-hormonal birth control such as the use of condoms for every sexual relationship, or the use of an IUD (contraception in the womb). Make sure you ask your doctor or midwife clearly about the advantages and disadvantages of each each contraception so that you can properly consider which contraception is most suitable for you.

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