Nodules On The Wall Of The Throat And Feels Lumpy When Swallowing?

Illustration of Nodules On The Wall Of The Throat And Feels Lumpy When Swallowing?
Illustration: Nodules On The Wall Of The Throat And Feels Lumpy When Swallowing? Bing

Morning. I want to ask. this is on the wall of my throat there are spots / bumps “and to swallow it feels like something has not been swallowed / stuck. I have been receiving repeated treatment for 2 months. Until I was diagnosed with just a normal inflammation of the tonsils and tonsils. Then I underwent tonsillectomy. and this is already 1 months after tonsillectomy but the spots “/lumps ” on the walls of the throat are still there. What is that and why is it? As I searched on the internet, how come it leads to throat cancer but the characteristics of throat cancer

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Hello Oscar Trublues,

Nodules / lumps on the wall of the throat and a lumpy sensation when swallowing can lead to several conditions, such as:

1) pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat)

2)   Tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils)

3) LPRD (Laryngo Pharyngeal Reflux Disease) or a condition where stomach acid rises up to the esophagus and upper throat so that it irritates the throat chronically and causes an inflammatory reaction such as a nodule in the throat and a lumpy sensation when swallowing

4)   Throat tumor or from surrounding tissue. Tumors can be benign or malignant, if the tumor is malignant that is called cancer.

It is worth looking into whether the nodule is really visible or just a “sticky feeling when swallowing”, because the causes and diagnosis will be very different. If it turns out that there are no nodules, only a lumpy sensation when swallowing, this is called a "globus sensation". This can be caused by several things, such as increased tension in the neck muscles, LPRD earlier, or psychological factors can also cause these symptoms. If it appears there are nodules on the wall of the throat, it is advisable to immediately see a doctor.

Here are signs that you should see a doctor immediately:

-     Neck or throat pain

-     Weight loss without trying diet or exercise

-     Sudden appearance at the age of over 50 years

-     Pain, choking, or difficulty swallowing

-      Vomiting food

-     There is muscle weakness

-     There is a visible lump

-     Symptoms that are getting worse over time

-     There is bleeding

The doctor will interview you in full regarding your complaints and medical history, then will perform a physical examination, especially the throat, mouth, neck, nose, and ears because these organs are closely related. Investigations that may be recommended are complete blood counts, X-rays, endoscopy, up to a biopsy (or taking a small amount of tissue in the nodule to be seen under a microscope).

There are things that can increase the risk of developing a nodule and a lumpy sensation when swallowing, namely:

1.                                 , such as foods that are spicy, sour, too hot and foods that increase stomach acid such as coffee, tea, sour fruits, spicy, etc.

2.    Frequently consume alcohol

3.    Smoking

4.    Infection

5.    Poor oral hygiene

Meanwhile for your concerns about throat cancer, the symptoms of throat cancer that you submitted in the question are correct, but in diagnosing cancer you can't just mention the symptoms. It must be supported by the results of physical and supporting examinations, especially tissue examination with a microscope to see whether the cells in the tissue are benign or malignant. Here is a link about throat cancer that you can read.

Things you can try at home to relieve your symptoms are:

1.    Consume less irritating foods and increase stomach acid

2.    Avoid smoking

3.     Maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly and correctly

4.    Drink lots of water

5.    The distance between the last dinner and sleeping as much as possible is more than 3 hours so that the food does not “go up” again into the esophagus

6.    Regular exercise

7.      Sufficient rest

That's the information I can convey, I hope it's useful, Oscar Trublues.


dr. Sarah

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