Nolipo 500 For Wisdom Teeth?

Illustration of Nolipo 500 For Wisdom Teeth?
Illustration: Nolipo 500 For Wisdom Teeth?

Tonight, I am 21 years old, my wisdom tooth happened to grow crooked and had to be operated on. First, I think the pain is normal because of the growing process, the pain has disappeared, to make sure I went to the doctor and it was true that I had checked with 2 doctors, 2-2 said my teeth needed surgery. The first doctor said 3 teeth had to be removed, didn’t give him any medicine, and said there was no harm in not pulling it out, just discomfort from pain. The second doctor said he only needed 2 teeth, talked about abscesses and pus if left unchecked, then gave 2 drugs. The first drug is mefinal when he is sick, the second drug is nolipo which is an antibiotic and must be used up. I read on the internet that Nolipo is a goal. hard drugs, do I really need to take Nolipo? Because my teeth don’t even hurt right now. The doctor said that the antibiotics were taken and if I feel better surgery is not needed, while my teeth are not painful so I will feel better in what way? Thanks.

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Slanted teeth can cause tooth impact. Tooth impact is a condition where the teeth are trapped and pressing on the surrounding teeth.

From your experience, if your wisdom tooth is growing crookedly causing pain then it usually requires surgery to correct it. but it depends on whether your teeth are very crooked. The dental surgery will be performed by a dentist.

Nolipo is an antibiotic that contains lincomycin. Lincomycin is an antibiotic commonly used to treat infections of the mouth, skin, or infections in the bones. You can consume the drug according to your doctor's instructions. Maybe the doctor gave the drug because he saw an infection in the oral cavity. So it is recommended that you take the drug according to your dentist's recommendation.

The drug labeled as a strong drug does not mean the drug cannot be used, nor does it mean that the drug is only used in dangerous situations. In principle, antibiotic drugs are hard drugs, and the use of antibiotics is carried out on the right indications by first examining a doctor.

It is possible that the infection in your mouth or teeth will disappear, so that the pain is less (painless does not mean there is no infection).

here is an article that you can read about impacted teeth

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