Normal Baby Weight At 6 Months?

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good night..rnrnp in October 2017 I gave birth to my son at 34-35 weeks of gestation (premature) with a bb of 2.3kg and tb:47rnskrg he is 6 months 1 week..r why I want to ask why my child has increased his weight a little bit… in the first and second months, the increase is 1 kg 1 kg. but after that it’s just a little bit.. at his age now his weight is 5.8kg.. his height is 62cm.. is that normal or still lacking? even though the breast milk is very strong every day.. what should I do to boost the weight.. sometimes I get offended when someone says my child is really small.. Is MPasi allowed? he can turn on his stomach at the age of 3 months.. to be able to come back from his stomach, he can start at the age of 5 months but he is still a bit lazy.. please enlighten me..rnrnthank you

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Normal baby weight at 6 months of age ranges from 7 to 8.9 kg in boys and between 6.4 to 8.3 kg in girls. While the normal body length ranges from 65 to 70 cm in baby boys and between 63 to 68 cm in baby girls.

Indeed, when compared with the standard benchmark, your baby's growth is smaller than the benchmark age. However, this is actually very normal for babies who have a history of being born prematurely with LBW (low birth weight babies). Therefore, in cases like yours, growth up to 2 years is generally tolerable based on the corrected age (gestational age + chronological age - 40 weeks). So, if your baby's corrected age is 4 months 3 weeks (because your baby was born 5-6 weeks earlier), then the actual weight and length are still considered normal, although not optimal.

In addition to a history of premature birth and low birth weight babies, the growth of babies who are smaller than their age benchmark can also be influenced by genetic factors (innate), nutritional adequacy, to other diseases suffered.

You should not worry too much first, okay? Check your baby first to a pediatrician to be evaluated for any diseases that your baby is suffering from that inhibits its growth. If not, then you don't need to worry about other people's opinions regarding your baby's growth and development. Ideally a baby's growth and development is assessed by comparing to a standard standard, in this case it can be assessed based on the WHO growth curve, Denver development curve, or also KMS (card to health), so not by comparing to neighboring children.

By checking your baby to the doctor, it can also be evaluated, whether your baby is ready to eat. In general, to catch up with growth achievements, complementary feeding can be started, of course, after the baby shows signs of being ready to eat.

For now, focus on providing enough breast milk for your baby's needs. Increase the quantity and quality of your breast milk by eating healthy and nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding stress. Feed your baby as often as he or she asks. If the doctor says your baby is ready to eat, give your baby complementary foods according to his age, both in terms of quantity, consistency, type, and taste.

Normal baby weight

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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